[lug] CVS access only

Tom Tromey tromey at redhat.com
Thu Mar 15 18:30:20 MST 2001

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott A Herod <herod at interact-tv.com> writes:

Scott> The "command" option forces that command to be run when a
Scott> connection from the machine with the given key occurs.  The
Scott> /etc/YOU_CANT_LOGIN script is still necessary to keep them from
Scott> changing their local version of the key.

My understanding is that you don't need the login script.  The
`command' setting in the authorized_keys files prevents them from
running any other command.  So the user has no other way of changing
the key.

Scott> Finally, below you have "/usr/local/bin/cvs server".  That's
Scott> all that's necessary?

I think so.

We have multiple CVS repositories on sources.redhat.com.  So what we
do is make each repository owned by a different group.  Then we can
control access to a repository for each user by changing their group


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