[lug] email list archiver thingy

Atkinson, Chip CAtkinson at Circadence.com
Fri Mar 16 09:06:31 MST 2001

Here's what I'd do -- use your .procmailrc to sort off the different lists
into their own directories.  Then run mhonarc to convert the mail messages
to html.  From there you can use web site indexing programs such as swish,
glimpse, or htdig.  I use htdig and it works pretty well.  I can provide
more details on what I do if you wish.


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> Subject: [lug] email list archiver thingy
> I'm looking for a way to dump the email lists I'm on into a 
> web-searchable
> database.  I'm sure such things exist, but I seem to have a hard time
> searching through freshmeat.  
> Using more words, I'd like to be able to store lists I subscribe to
> (security stuff, admin stuff, BLUG, etc) into a central 
> repository, throw a
> searchable web front end on it, and let other folks in my 
> group use it.  Has
> anyone run across something like this they like?
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