[lug] KDE Upgrade 1.99 to 2.1.2

Hugh Brown hbrown at peakpeak.com
Thu Mar 15 04:01:17 MST 2001

take your new group of kde rpms and install them all at the same time

rpm -Fvh kde*rpm

If you cover all of the rpms that have interdependencies, it should
upgrade fine.

Otherwise you can do,

rpm -Fvh --nodeps kde*rpm


Michael Deck wrote:
> I just went and bought (!) a nice box of Mandrake 7.2 Pro today to replace an
> aging RH6.0 install. Mdk7.2 comes with KDE1.99 out of the box which got
> installed nicely.
> But there are a couple of things about KDE1.99 I don't like, compared to KDE1
> which I used before. This may not be a KDE thing but an Mdk thing but ... I
> can't seem to cut and paste between xterms or konsoles using 3-button
> emulation. The X config files seem to be right, AFAIK.
> So I wanted to upgrade KDE1.99 to 2.1.2. I downloaded the 'required' files
> from www.kde.com, namely kdebase, kdelibs, kdesupport, kdenetwork, and
> kdeutils, but they won't install over the top of what I have. I get messages
> like 'kde1.99 requires kde1.99' and whatnot. Do I need to uninstall all but
> the basic packages? What's the key to the install order here?
> -Mike

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