[lug] HD problems.

Kelly Brock krbrock at pacbell.net
Sat Mar 17 11:13:54 MST 2001

Hi All,

	I'm looking for suggestions on how ot retrieve the contents of a HD that
has been trashed by Lilo through stupidity on my part.  Basically the
problem is that I had a tri-boot system setup and while messing with
Linuxconf to change the default bootup behavior I accidently had lilo
installed on the wrong drive.  Windozer and Linux never agreed about the
drive geometry but since I never intended to have them sharing that drive I
didn't expect it to ever be a problem.   Until now that is.

	So, what I have is a 20GB partition sitting in limbo because the FAT and
such on the drive are totally destroyed.  All I need to do is get about 5
files off the drive so if I could simply force it to being a recognized
drive again (in Windows) I can quickly recover the files and reformat the
drive.  Any suggestions on this would be extremely welcome.  (NOTE: Fat32



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