[lug] ls -l /var/tmp = drwxrwxrwt 16 root root 1478656 Mar 19 10:38 tmp

Bob Collins bcollins at fpcc.net
Mon Mar 19 13:23:05 MST 2001

I noticed my disk space is 96% so I started looking around
and noticed the /var/tmp directory showed 1478656 blocks.  I
am in the process of doing a ls -l /tmp to see what is
inside.  It has been running for about 10 minuets and is
still not finished.

I am looking for ideas as to why it might be so large and
what I can do to free up the space.  My first inclination
was to delete the directory, but thought I might get better
ideas from the LUG.

I am running SuSE 6.4 on this machine.

--    Regards, Bob Collins
People often find it easier to be a result of the past than
cause of the future.

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