[lug] Email questions

Terry Branaman tbranam at firstworld.net
Mon Mar 19 13:02:28 MST 2001

Thanks for all of the suggestions.

I decided to use getmail to retrieve mail from my pop3 accounts, and imap
from the University of Washington to make it available for reading both from
my internal network and from remote sites. The imap package includes imap,
pop2, and pop3 servers.

Getmail retrieves the mail just fine. I can read the mail using imap from my
internal network just fine, but not from outside my firewall. I fixed up my
ipchains rules to allow the imap packets through, so I don't believe that is
the problem. I can get my messages from outside the firewall using pop3.

I've checked my log files, and I cannot find any error messages related to
this. I see the ACCEPT entries from ipchains for the packets, and I see the
imapd entries from my internal connection and the pop3d entries from the
external connection. I'm at a loss as to why imapd isn't starting when I try
to access it from outside my firewall.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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