[lug] Excellent Rant

Justin Simoni jsimoni at totalsite.com
Mon Mar 19 20:57:40 MST 2001

I find its funny, that the original rant is from a person who I beleive
proclaims himself as a computer expert, and I'm sure works with and develops
computer applications. The person who he was using as an example couldn't
use a computer efficiently. This means him, or someone like him didn't do a
very good job making the program. instead of helping him, he ridiculus him,
not to his face, but behind his back, he can't take the fact that this
person isn't as educated in this certain tool as he is.

I guess no one thinks computers should be as easy to use as possible, I
think this should be the entire goal. Why make someone learn an entire new
way of doing things just to interact with a tool?  An example would be a new
phone we just got for my house. It has 30 buttons on the damn thing, 30
buttons! Its a phone. people call me, I pick it up. I can't even do that, I
have to push a button to do its simplest task.

Think of all the things you interact with in your life. Doors, spoons,
sidewalks, pencils, computers. What's the most complicated of these things?
Which one can you live without? I don't think i can live without a pencil or
a pen. I can certainly can do without a computer, since it creates more work
than I put into it.

oh well, I hope this hasn't turned into a rant on my part, but I just want
to get some of these ideas out, since simplicity and capability don't repel
each other, they complement each other.   anyways, OSX out in 5 days,


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