[lug] Local Open Source Project Leads/Managers

Steve Houston stevehouston at qwest.net
Mon Mar 19 21:51:33 MST 2001

"D. Stimits" <stimits at idcomm.com> wrote:
> Basically this was combining two related questions, and is a bit
> misleading the way I asked it. I ask about the gnome ORB because there
> are a lot of applications that use this as a substitute to the COM/DCOM
> model in windows. Anything working correctly with the gnome ORB has an
> advantage for inter-application communications. In terms of security,
> xauth and xhost mechanisms (optionally kerberos) can be used with X11,
> and I think the gnome ORB might have some knowledge of this to allow it
> to work smoothly with those methods.

As someone else pointed out (sorry, I've lost that email so I can't name
you!) the CORBA implementation we use (omniORB) should talk to the
ORBit, although we haven't tried it. 

We also haven't looked into security much, although implementing
something along the lines of xauth and xhost would be a possibility.

> I'm curious if the future version, that does not require X11 but runs on
> Linux, will have support for multiple or remote displays?

Support for multiple displays is a certainty. Essentially the CAVE is 4
separate displays and stereo 3D glasses are 2 displays. It comes down to
implementation issues, i.e. will the current OpenGL drivers work with a
dual monitor setup, if that is what you want.

3dwm is a fully distributed client-server architecture. The server does
the rendering but the client can run wherever you want. Additionally you
can have an X desktop displayed from anywhere via VNC. There is a lot of

> Also, has any kind of benchmarking been done? I'm curious if this
> dedicated 3D has any speed advantages over hardware OpenGL on a regular
> X11 display? It seems like the possibility is there, I like the idea a
> lot.

We don't actually do any dedicated 3D, everything is via OpenGL. That
means we get acceleration with X11/DRI, but fall back to SW rendering
outside X for now.


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