[lug] SuSE more popular than RedHat?

Deva Samartha blug-receive at mtbwr.net
Mon Mar 19 23:22:09 MST 2001


no flamebait, just info.
I was really surprised to find this:

                         SuSE    48.3%
                         RedHat 28.9%
                         Macmillan 20.8%
                         Caldera 0.5%
                         Corel   1.2%
                         Turbo   0.2%
                         Source: PCData report from March, 3rd 2001



and tried to find a reference to verify the numbers here:

http://www.pcdata.com but unable to find anything in reference to operating 
systems. Apparently the Co. tracks retail sales figures.

It looks like they are talking about current sales numbers rather installed 
base which would be a more relevant number. Possibly Netcraft would be a 
source to determine at least the share of Linux distributions as web servers?

Does anyone have access to those number?

Of cause, when a new distribution comes out, the sales of that particular 
product exceed any older main distribution's sales, at least temporarily, I 
would think.

The article is somewhat unclear. They are talking about "market share" - of 

Not that I wish SuSE anything bad but to have a market share of almost 50 % 
in USA would really be a surprise.

Maybe Xenia von Wedel could comment on the published numbers?



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