[lug] ls -l /var/tmp = drwxrwxrwt 16 root root 1478656 Mar 19 10:38tmp

Bob Collins bcollins at fpcc.net
Tue Mar 20 01:48:39 MST 2001

"D. Stimits" wrote:

> kfm is probably KDE file manager, user Collins, display 0.0 in X11.
Right and I think they are OK.  I just got confused when I
saw the files when I thought I was looking at /var/tmp and I
was looking at /tmp instead.
> susehilf is the suse help. The xxxxxx would be a temp file, kind of a
> cookie ID. What are the permissions on one of these?

root root drwx------

> > case letters mixed with numbers.  The files date from August
> > of 1999 until July of 2000.  I have been removing the oldest
> > directory, /susehilf.vCR5nO for over an hour and a half.
> rm -Rf susehilf.vCR5n0

Do I really want to tie up my computer for 20 + hours?
Why do you think it takes that long to remove the directory? 

Maybe the problem has been fixed.  July of 2000 was the last
date one was created.  I have update SuSE since then and I
have used the SuSE help since then.


> Disk space consists of both actual space, and inodes, the inode
> containing metadata about what node has the real data. If you run out of
> inodes, it won't matter if no disk space is used, you would effectively
> be out of disk at that point.

My thought was that it was smaller than 1k and it didn't
show when I did df because it shows blocks.  I don't know,
but it did take an hour and 40 minuetes to remove the
> > The real culprit is the approximately 73,600 "taper"
> > temporary files (backup software).  I sent a note to the
> > developer of taper ask if I did something wrong or if he has
> > a fix for what happened.  The files are from a single backup
> > of my system.
> Probably it leaves the prior temp for incremental purposes, but that'd
> only be a guess. Have you actually run backup 73,600 times over that
> period?

I used taper for the first time last month and did a single
backup of my system to tape.  I did some backups to my zip
drive on my laptop and I just now looked at it and I see I
have a bunch of the taper temporary files in /var/tmp also. 
I didn't backup the whole system on it and I have a bigger
disk also.  It wasn't noticeable on the laptop.  

There were some of the /susehilf.xxxxxx directories also. 
Maybe I shoudn't have removed the one I did.  Butt who nose?

> > I am interested in comments and ideas especially about the
> > /susehilf.xxxxxx directories.  If the 11 directories each
> > take an hour and forty minuets to delete, it would take a
> > long time and they don't seem to take up much space.
> rm -Rf susehilf.*
> The suse help system is apparently making temp files. This could 


No new susehilf.* since July of 2000.

   Regards, Bob Collins
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need it.
		-- Olivier

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