[lug] DOM (document object model)

Scott A. Herod herod at interact-tv.com
Tue Mar 20 11:50:44 MST 2001

Hi Ken,

  I've not used the xml dom with python but rather C++ and Java.  
I got a book at Soft Pro but decided after reading through it
that I didn't really find it useful.  ( I don't even keep it at
work anymore so can't tell you the title or author. )  Soft Pro
had a bunch of books so a good browse through there might help.

  I've ended up using web resources mostly.  The Apache folks
have a good website:  http://xml.apache.org/ 

O'Reilly has a site associated with the xpat parser:


I've also just used the Javadoc webpages that are part of 
Sun's jaxp parser and the Doxygen generated pages that 
are part of the Apache groups Xerces parser.  Speaking of
which, the Apache group maintains a few mailing lists 
accessible from their pages.  I only really monitor the
Xerces-C one and most messages are code specific but 
general questions are also answered pretty quickly.


Ken Kinder wrote:
> Does anyone have some suggestion on some good DOM documentation,
> especially anything good for programmers using xml.dom module in
> python?? Boods, online, anything?
> Thanks in advance...
> --
> Ken Kinder
> www.kenkinder.com

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