[lug] Remote printing?

Scott Herod scott.herod at colorado.edu
Mon Mar 19 17:42:38 MST 2001


  Sorry for another printer question...

  At home I have two machines on an isolated network.  One
is attached to an Epson 740 printer on the parallel port 
and prints fine.  The two machines happily talk with telnet
and shared partitions using IP address or hostnames so 
networking works fine.  I just can't get the machine 
connected to the printer to accept connections from the

  The printer host has the following in its /etc/hosts.lpd

+ machine2.myhome.net

Users on the two machines differ but the printcaps don't
set the user flag.

Printcaps are
Machine 1:


Machine 2:


When I try to print from machine 2, lpq says:

machine2: waiting for queue to be enabled on machine1.myhome.net
Rank   Owner      Job  Files                                 Total Size
1st    root       10    ...                                  625 bytes
machine1.myhome.net: /usr/sbin/lpd: lp: Your host does not have line
printer access 

I've restarted lpd multiple times on each machine.

Any suggestions of how to get this to work would be greatly


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