[lug] ls -l /var/tmp = drwxrwxrwt 16 root root 1478656 Mar 19 10:38tmp

Good Guy g00d_guy_21 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 20 18:40:44 MST 2001

> The problem is I have a 1 gig drive mounted as / and
> a 4 gig
> drive mounted as /usr.  The root drive is the the
> drive with
> /var/tmp on it  it is at 96%.  That is what started
> me on
> this quest.
> I will see if a different directory can be used for
> the
> temporary files.  

I'm just thinking... may be you can make a symbolic
link to /usr..

you can make /usr/tmp with permission drwxrwxrwx then
make a symbolic link.. ln -s /usr/tmp /var/tmp with
assumptions /var/tmp doesn't exist

I already try this trick with my user directory and it
worked..but never had try for tmp directories..

If it works on tmp directories please tell me =)

btw: don't forget to umask the tmp directory

Good one

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