[lug] Interesting Crash Report

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Wed Mar 21 13:42:26 MST 2001

Brad Doctor wrote:
> Two tools may be of interest to you:
> gnorpm -- Graphical RPM manager, can add, remove, query, etc.
> control-panel -- Graphical system config utility, including removing items from
> startup.  Runlevel 3 is what you are interested in if your system boots to
> the command prompt (and you then login, and "startx"), runlevel 5 is what you
> want if you boot directly to XDM / some other graphical X login screen.  I
> would do both if you are not sure.
> The easiest thing is to restart your machine after you have disabled your
> services, just to be sure -- control-panel will only remove them.
> As an example, I only run the following on my workstation:
> S10network (init.d/network)
> S12syslog  (init.d/syslog)
> S20random  (init.d/random)
> S35identd  (init.d/identd)
> S55sshd    (init.d/sshd)
> S90crond   (init.d/crond)
> S90xfs     (init.d/xfs)
> S99snmpd   (init.d/snmpd)

That reminds me. Be sure to block all in/out to the modem interface for
syslog, linuxconf (on RH), smtp should only allow routes directly
between the ISP and you, and X ports 6000:6010 should be banned to the


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