[lug] Weird glibc upgrade problem

Michael J. Pedersen marvin at keepthetouch.org
Wed Mar 21 13:52:58 MST 2001

On Wed, Mar 21, 2001 at 09:37:59PM +0100, rm at mamma.varadinet.de wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 21, 2001 at 01:28:10PM -0700, Michael J. Pedersen wrote:
> [...]
> this only affects programs started _after_ the library disapeared.
> ld.so opens the library and memory-maps it. Once an application loaded
> it you can remove the libraries file (unlink will only decrease the link
> count of the inode. As long as the file is mmaped the application can
> access it).
> So the 'unfortunate' part was the uninstall instead of just an install
> of the new version.

All of which is accurate. I was aiming for the shorter explanation, and wound
up being longer than the explanation, from the looks of it :)

> Being a Debian user myself i have a question: can one realy remove a package
> on which so many others depend. Debians dpkg tool would flood the console 
> with warnings and refuse to proceed unless you told it to ignore all 
> dependencies ...

Actually, yes, you can, in exactly the same way. The original poster said he
did just that, in fact.

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