[lug] Interesting Crash Report

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Wed Mar 21 15:28:13 MST 2001

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> inetd only controls what is in /etc/inetd.conf -- nothing 
> else.  If you have 
> been hacked, not sure why, not sure how the system works, 
> save yourself the 
> headache, and potentially another re-install from an attack. :)
> -brad
> > 
> > UUGH... reboots, mentioned here ....uuugh... just restart inetd....

> > > The easiest thing is to restart your machine after you have 
> > > disabled your
> > > services, just to be sure -- control-panel will only remove them.
> > > 

Ok well, I still see no need to reboot or "restart", unless you want to reinstall or add hardware...  And at the reinstall portion, I would say repartition to slightly different sized partitions.  I've had trouble in the past with RH not formatting properly, and having old files remain in /boot, /usr, and a partition of my own /storage.  Besides the files that are not needed can be deleted out of the rc directories and the processes can be killed.  And since it is RH that you are talking about, linuxconf or control panel both can be used to restart, enable, disable and shutdown services, thus again making a reboot a waste of time unless you plan to reinstall or add hardware. :Q) 

Twas a hard windows habit for me to break as well.....

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