[lug] Interesting Crash Report

Deva Samartha blug-receive at mtbwr.net
Wed Mar 21 15:37:18 MST 2001

Police & FBI?

unless it's a high profile case making headlines (or something to that 
effect) don't expect much.

I had police coming to my house, explained everything, showed traces, how 
the intrusion happened, where it came from, the whole works.

They said they would subpoena the information from ISP's and I would hear 
back from them. I gave them a dump from my harddisk on a disk they 
provided, called them once after a long time and never heard back.

This was way over the head of the people which came.

Estimated damage < $ 5000.-, who cares!

Once I had my machine back up, it took 20 minutes until somebody tried it 
I traced two, one somewhere in Canada. The intrusion attempt happened on a 
Saturday at 10:30. I wrote to their ISP, they claimed having been intruded 
themselves and had reloaded the system from scratch at 10:45, did they keep 
logs, trying to find out from where it came, what happened - no, nothing.

If you get caught - claim you got intruded and had to wipe your harddisk.

Some dark dark places out there!

At 01:39 PM 3/21/2001 -0700, you wrote:

>I'd turn over information to the police or FBI. Even if they can't prove
>where they were from, the code collection would be interesting. Or if
>not to the police, there are several security organizations that collect
>info such as that, e.g., www.securityportal.com.

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