[lug] More TTF and Netscape

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Wed Mar 21 16:24:08 MST 2001

You know, it's kinda funny the way things work out sometimes.  I spent
about a hour the other day fiddling with settings, trying to get some
combo that would work.  I attempted to try ever combination of each TTF
with each option.  When I looked at your settings, I noticed that you
have Arial and I don't.  I checked to make sure, and while I verified I
don't have Arial as an option, I did have "Size: 0.0" selected instead
of "Size: 12.0."  Believe me when I say I tried that setting many times
the other day.  Of course now when I set it to 12, I view that
marketwatch page just fine.  Of course, maybe the site admin responded
to my feedback just a bit ago....

Thanks for all the replies/suggestions.


Kevin Moore wrote:

> Looks fine to me with my TTF's. I'm using:
> For the Encoding: Western (iso-8859-1)
> Variable Width Font Arial Unicode Ms (Monotype) Size: 12.0
> Allow Scaling not checked
> Fixed Width Font Courier Adobe Size: 12.0
> Allow Scaling not checked
> Use my default fonts, overriding document specified fonts is checked
> hope this helps....Kevin

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