[lug] [Fwd: NICHOLAS PETRELEY: "The Open Source" from InfoWorld.com, Wednesday, March 21, 2001]

lpotter ljp at llornkcor.com
Wed Mar 21 21:17:20 MST 2001

>of catching up to do, and with so many people re-inventing the wheel (5 or 6

While I mostly agree with that opinion about KDE/QT, (I use QT to write apps),
I think that its fine to have 5 or 6 mail clients. The more the merrier, I 
say. Geezz, if reinventing the wheel is a problem, we'd all be using pine, 
and UDE. Choice is what makes linux a wonderful thing, for me. I find 
myself flip-flopping between, kde, gnome, window maker, icewm, and 
blackbox, depending on my mood, or what I need to get done.
Whatever happened to Enlightenment? I haven't heard much about it lately.

my 2 cents.

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