[lug] I have problem about disk IDE of solaris x86 2.7

Akaradech S. akaradech.s at cdg.co.th
Thu Mar 22 01:39:52 MST 2001

hello My name is dech.
I'm from Thailand.
I have a problem about solaris x86 2.7
I cannot found patch 109798-01 that is requirement for patch 110202-01
I want add disk 20G but I can see 8 G.
I have patch 110202-01 but I haven't patch 109798-01.
Please help me  if you have patch 109798-01 please send to me
or website download
I search at www.sunsolve.sun.com  but I not found.

Thank you.
Akaradech.s at cdg.co.th

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