[lug] Weird glibc upgrade problem

Justin glow at jackmoves.com
Thu Mar 22 09:29:01 MST 2001

I have had times when rpm does work very conveniently however. Usually 
it's with simple little packages that don't require much else to 
function. But it always seems like the most important stuff to be 
upgraded always gives me the most trouble. *sigh* Anyways, I did learn 
quite a bit from this whole ordeal. Don't worry about being harsh, I 
didn't take it personally  :) Besides I did do something pretty stupid, 
I just didn't know it.


> Just so you know, even though I finished with something along the 
> 'Always use the upgrades for your package manager', I neglected to 
> that rpm is incredibly difficult to use correctly for that. I know of
> extremely few people (I think all of them are on this list, too), who 
> actually do that with rpm, and get it to work right.
> To me, it's a failing of the tools which surround rpm. They're not 
well enough
> known by people who don't use them to make upgrades a viable option, 
which is
> a shame. anyway, I would like to apologize again if I came across 
> (which I'm sure I did). It really was unintentional.
> But, the bright side of things: You learned something useful today :)
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