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rm at mamma.varadinet.de rm at mamma.varadinet.de
Fri Mar 23 13:54:32 MST 2001

On Fri, Mar 23, 2001 at 01:49:01PM -0700, Kyle Moore wrote:
> What I'm trying to do is weird. I have some asp pages and some html
> pages. I have a login.htm that goes into an asp page that checks to see
> if there was an error reported by the application server. If there was
> an error the asp page does a Server.Transfer("login.htm") to send them
> back to the login page. What I was thinking is that if in the login.htm
> page I could check to see if I was referred from this asp page. If I was
> I could then spit out a little message saying their username/password
> was bad. 

I know, this is probably too trivial, but why don't you just
send them to something like 'login-again.html' That file
could have nice tipps for the user ("Make shure CAPS-Lock isn't
switched on, you use the right keyboard layout ...")


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