[lug] RAID under Linux

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Fri Mar 23 14:47:55 MST 2001

On Fri, Mar 23, 2001 at 02:38:58PM -0700, J. Wayde Allen wrote:
> Has anyone tried using software RAID under Linux?  If so, how well does
> this work?

Yes, several times, but so far only under 2.0.x kernels. All
boxes did fine so far. We did have some disk fails so we had
the reality tests. One server did run for several month with
only one disk (the IDE cable was found dangling :-)

> I'm setting up a new server for my lab and was thinking about trying
> it.  Basically, I'm wondering if there are any words of wisdom or gotchas
> that I should be aware of?

You have to know what you want it for. If you are used to the
luxury menues of ICP RAID controllers where you can do all sorts
of fancy cluster building software RAID is pretty arcane, but if
all you need is a bit more redundancy for your valuable data it's
a cheap way to get it. It won't help you at all for uptime since
IDE normally isn't hot-pluggable.


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