[lug] cron won't quit a job

John Starkey jstarkey at advancecreations.com
Fri Mar 23 17:35:41 MST 2001

> crontab -e i assume ...
>     ^^^

Yep... see... told you it was getting frustrating :}

> It might
> be possible that the startup script for sshd2 tries to be super-safe
> and tests whether the daemon really started. If not it might issue
> an 'at' command that tries to restart the deamon. This is actually not
> a bad idea if you rely on remote login ;-)

Actually it was a whole list of problems, I suppose, caused by me compiling
over the rpm. I normally compile my own sshd's so I wasn't prepared for the
rpm shock i guess.

cron is running a script that checks for an sshd2 PID every minute. If it
finds it it kills everything, very severely I may add. Then restarts it. The
restart was pointing to the rpm binary, not the one I compiled. I had also
deleted the symlink from rc3.d a few days ago and forgot to replace it so
sshd2 wasn't init'ing in runlevel 3. And the cron job that was running the
script from /etc/cron.d had a MAILTO at the top....

So anyway. It looks like eveything is fine. But I got rid of the mailto and
it's still mailing to? I did a -HUP on cron's PID and it didn't kill it (the
MAILTO). I restarted it completely and it didn't kill it. I just did a kernel
compile and after the reboot it's still there. I checked crontab -e and
/etc/cron.* for anything and there are no more entries anywhere. Is there
something else I may need to do to reload the crontabs?



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