[lug] Local Linux Show Participation

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Sun Mar 25 10:46:06 MST 2001

Ryan Kirkpatrick wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Ferdinand Schmid wrote:
> > Unless I missed the responses there seems to be almost zero interest
> > here to participate at the BLUG booth for the CLIQ.  Kyle and Wayde were
> > the only two folks who were interested in participating.
>         Well, I tried to subscribe to the BLUGEvents list hosted by
> tummy.com that was posted to the list a week or two ago and never
> succeeded. I would put in 'linux at rkirkpat.net' as the address (I use for
> all Linux related lists), and it would send the subscribe message to
> linux-owner at rkirkpat.net (which I only saw as I have my mail server
> sending me all error reports to postmaster). Maybe there has been no
> response cause no one can subscribe to the list?

I tried to subscribe, it said it would send a confirm, it never did.
However, I still got a couple of emails from the list; then no more. It
seems to be messing up the sending of the confirm emails.

D. Stimits, stimits at idcomm.com

> > My intent is not to critizise anybody on this list but at this point I
> > need to come closer to having a plan ready for the show.  The event is
> > on Friday, March 30th.  While the BLUG booth can't be used to
> > advertise individual businesses you are free to demonstrate any cool
> > Linux technology at this booth.  Open source would be cool but you are
> > also welcome to demonstrate a commercial system or a cool game.
>         I have already signed up for a full pass (speakers and the exhibit
> floor) and had planned just to go to soak it all up. :) Then next year I
> was going to volunteer to help with LUG booth... I have never been to a
> Linux conference before (too busy with school until lately) and wanted to
> have the full experience...
>         Though if you need help with the BLUG booth, I am more than glad
> to help in what ever way possible. As for something to demo, the best I
> can offer is a Sparc 20 running Debian GNU/Linux w/a 19" Sun monitor...
> Something of an eye catcher, but that is about all. Unfortuntely my small
> alpha (UDB) I demoed at a BLUG meeting a few years back is dead and my big
> alphas are too deeply integrated into my network to easily pull out (also,
> unless you look closely, the alpha looks like a tower PC, i.e. not too eye
> catching).
>         Anyway, if I or my computers can be of any help, let me
> know. TTYL.
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