[lug] Linux for Alphastation

Stephen Kawalko s.kawalko at ieee.org
Sat Mar 24 23:23:51 MST 2001

At 9:02 PM -0700 3/24/2001, Ryan Kirkpatrick wrote:

> On Thu, 22 Mar 2001, Stephen Kawalko wrote:
> > Can anyone recommend a Linux distribution for use on an Alphastation 250?
> 	I would recommend Debian, I have two XLT 366s running it and at
> one time had it on a UDB (which is now dead :( ). It is easy to setup,
> runs great, and is very easy to update. Of course, since I run Debian on
> all my Linux boxes (x86, Alpha, and Sparc), I might be a bit biased. :)
> 	My two cents....

Can you be a bit more specific. Is the Debian distribution easier to
install than the RedHat or SuSe distributions? Does Debian do a better job
of supporting  Alpha-based systems?

Stephen Kawalko
s.kawalko at ieee.org

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