[lug] Local Linux Show Participation

Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Sun Mar 25 14:50:16 MST 2001

Thanks for your offer to help.  We did have some problems with the
blugevents list so we moved our discussion back over to this main list. 
For the minimal traffic we had it didn't seem worthwhile to mess with
the other list.

It would be nice if you could stop by our booth and potentially spend a
little time there to boost our presence.  There is no need to haul your
sun station over to the show, I think we have enough demo equipment.


Ryan Kirkpatrick wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Ferdinand Schmid wrote:
> > Unless I missed the responses there seems to be almost zero interest
> > here to participate at the BLUG booth for the CLIQ.  Kyle and Wayde were
> > the only two folks who were interested in participating.
>         Well, I tried to subscribe to the BLUGEvents list hosted by
> tummy.com that was posted to the list a week or two ago and never
> succeeded. I would put in 'linux at rkirkpat.net' as the address (I use for
> all Linux related lists), and it would send the subscribe message to
> linux-owner at rkirkpat.net (which I only saw as I have my mail server
> sending me all error reports to postmaster). Maybe there has been no
> response cause no one can subscribe to the list?
> > My intent is not to critizise anybody on this list but at this point I
> > need to come closer to having a plan ready for the show.  The event is
> > on Friday, March 30th.  While the BLUG booth can't be used to
> > advertise individual businesses you are free to demonstrate any cool
> > Linux technology at this booth.  Open source would be cool but you are
> > also welcome to demonstrate a commercial system or a cool game.
>         I have already signed up for a full pass (speakers and the exhibit
> floor) and had planned just to go to soak it all up. :) Then next year I
> was going to volunteer to help with LUG booth... I have never been to a
> Linux conference before (too busy with school until lately) and wanted to
> have the full experience...
>         Though if you need help with the BLUG booth, I am more than glad
> to help in what ever way possible. As for something to demo, the best I
> can offer is a Sparc 20 running Debian GNU/Linux w/a 19" Sun monitor...
> Something of an eye catcher, but that is about all. Unfortuntely my small
> alpha (UDB) I demoed at a BLUG meeting a few years back is dead and my big
> alphas are too deeply integrated into my network to easily pull out (also,
> unless you look closely, the alpha looks like a tower PC, i.e. not too eye
> catching).
>         Anyway, if I or my computers can be of any help, let me
> know. TTYL.
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