[lug] TrueType Fonts RPM

Elyse Grasso emgrasso at data-raptors.com
Sun Mar 25 19:22:11 MST 2001

Hmmm. I downloaded the rpm and installed it, and restarted everything. But 
the TrueType fonts don't show up in gfontsel or anything else I've tried.  
I'm running RedHat 7 with XFree86-4.

/etc/X11/fs looks good, according to what I've found on the web.

XFConfig-4 doesn't say anything about fonts. Should it?

Any suggestions for things to look at or tweak would be gratefully accepted.


Elyse Grasso

On Saturday 24 March 2001 21:56, you wrote:
> Elyse,
> Thanks for pointing that out. I recently upgraded to RH7, which
> changed the FTP root directory out from under me without warning
> me or moving the existing file hierachy.
> Please try again. It should be there now.
> Elyse Grasso wrote:
> > I've been trying to access the microsoft-ttf rpm at the
> > ftp.pangalactic.org\pub\outgoing url that's been given on the list.
> > Nothing seems to be there.  Has the rpm been moved to a new location?
> >
> > Where can I get it from now?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
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