[lug] keystroke statistics

Riggs, Robert RRiggs at doubleclick.net
Mon Apr 16 10:51:05 MDT 2001

Hmm... it doesn't appear binary to me, but it does look like there is an
interrupt for a key press and key release. One my machine it seems to count
2 interrupts per regular key stroke (+ others when keys repeat), and 4
interrupts for arrow keys. Maybe the simple method is not so simple after

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Is that a binary number?  Empirically, it looks like it must be.  For
example, if I simply do an "up-arrow" and "return" to repeat the previous
command, the value goes from




which is consistent with a binary, so you'd have to make sure and work in
the proper base.


"Riggs, Robert" wrote:

> I'd go for the ridiculously simple... "grep keyboard /proc/interrupts" at
> the start and end of the day and subtract.

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