[lug] tar and future timestamps

Hugh Brown hugh at vecna.com
Mon Apr 16 19:26:40 MDT 2001

Right you are.  Found the culprit(s).  Someone had a bad timestamp and then
checked the stuff into cvs.  cvs is then all to happy to create a newly
checked out version with a bad timestamp.

Thanks much.


"D. Stimits"
> Hugh Brown wrote:
> > 
> > I am doing a tar over ssh to backup to a disk, when I do it, I am
> > getting tar complaining about future timestamp errors.  I timesync the
> > machines with rdate right before the backup, but the tar output says
> > that the timestamp is in June.  Help.
> I believe it is referring not to machine times, but to file times. If
> you use find and grep for the date, you should be able to locate the
> offending files.

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