[lug] Advice sought: should I use SSH or not?

B O'Fallon bof at americanisp.net
Wed Apr 18 07:35:24 MDT 2001


I have been debating whether or not to use SSH for my stand-alone home
system and am seeking (free) advice.

My use where SSH might be of value include:

    --- I use TELNET to log into the local library, and I don't think
they use SSH. The information exchanged is my name, phone number and
library card.

    --- For downloads, I use Netscape under XWindows and take either
the http or ftp download depending upon which is offered.

    --- I do not need to log in to my system remotely, nor do I run
TELNET or FTP as services on the system -- I run only the clients when

I also understand that there is a way of using SSH and Xwindows that
is more secure than just using Xwindows alone.

With these types of use, would it be worthwhile to go thorough the
hassle of installing, configuring and using SSH? How much security
would I gain by it?

B. O'Fallon
bof at americanisp.net

Thinkers prepare the revolution, bandits carry it out.

--- Anonymous

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