[lug] Mandrake 7.1 fails to boot.

Dhruva Reddy sledgehammer2010 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 18 09:45:49 MDT 2001

I'm not familiar with what I think you're doing
(installing Linux on vfat-type partitions), but here's
a little background.

If you want to use a volume (be it a disk partition,
CD or floppy drive), that volume must be mounted. 
Linux (as well as, I believe, most Unices), allow (and
sometimes expect) you to do this explicitly.

In order to do anything, your kernel must be able to
mount the root partition.  In your case, your kernel
cannot mount the root partition (somewhat analogous to
drive C:\ in Windows), so of course the kernel cannot

There are several reasons this could happen.  I have
had this happen to me when the root partition was on a
SCSI drive, and the driver for the SCSI controller was

If I were you, I might start by asking myself where
Linux was installed.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help,

--- Ray McHale <ray_mchale at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Installed Mandrake 7.1 linux4win from a PCPlus
> magazine CDRom and basically 
> choose the automated install, so I would'nt have to
> bother with partitioning 
> and stuff(newbie). The install goes fine untill it's
> time to reboot. I get the choice of picking either:
> Windows 98\Linux, but 
> when I choose linux it seems to be starting, but
> then comes to a stop, 
> ending in this..
> VFS: Cannot open root device 07:07
> Kernel panics: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 07:07
> Window 98 boots fine!
> My PC: Gateway PII 350Mhz 128Ram. I have one hard
> drive partitioned into: C: 
> 2gig fat16, D: 4gig fat32, there's plenty of space.
> Any help greatly appreciated,
> Regards,
> Ray.
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