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There are a number of good books that describe the kernel to the detail that
you are looking for. "Linux Kernel Internals" is one that comes to mind.

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I am doing a report in my Operating Systems class and have obviously chosen
to write about linux.  I have searched a bit on the web to find out the
details of how linux works, but I haven't been able to find what I am
looking for.  Here are the guidelines for the paper:

Overall internal structure (how components communicate with each other)
Process scheduling algorithm
Memory management architecture, including VM if supported
I/O subsystem
File system(s) (if multiple, only the "main" FS it supports)
IPC facilities
Networking facilities
User interface(s) supported
Any special features unique to it

I need to know information like: "linux uses a round-robin based
cpu scheduler with a time quantum of 5 ms."

The report needs to be pretty lengthy so I don't mind *very* detailed
information.  If anybody has written a similar document, I would love
to see it or if anyone knows online documentation besides actually
reading the source code!

Any distribution will be fine (I doubt the internal modules
would vary significantly anyway).


~~Brad Grissom

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