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Wed Apr 18 17:37:40 MDT 2001

Ahh, you guys are making him work for it? I'll answer where I can, my 

At 12:01 4/18/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>I am doing a report in my Operating Systems class and have obviously chosen
>to write about linux.  I have searched a bit on the web to find out the
>details of how linux works, but I haven't been able to find what I am
>looking for.  Here are the guidelines for the paper:
>Overall internal structure (how components communicate with each other)

Uses 0's and 1's to make things happen. AND contrary to popular reports, 
0's and 1's have NOT (yet) been patented by B. Gates.

>Process scheduling algorithm

see the fiddlybits in  /usr/src/linux/*

>Memory management architecture, including VM if supported

See above answer.

>I/O subsystem

Again, see above the previous answer.

>File system(s) (if multiple, only the "main" FS it supports)
ext2, reiserfs, fat32, fat, and just about any flle system, with a few hits 
or misses.


As secure as you make it.

>IPC facilities

huh?, is this anything related to DQ? oh, it's been a warm day..

>Networking facilities

ouuuu, this gets complicated...

>User interface(s) supported

too many to remember. Mainly (for me, anyway) kde, gnome, window maker, 
icewm, blackbox
and heh, ncurses.
oh, and fvm or something at times of immediate stress.

>Any special features unique to it

You can inspect, change any and all the code that you can find. There's 
lots of tid bits and mentions in the kernel source. Have a nagging opening 
screen? You can nuke it from where it really counts: the source code.
Oh, did I mention, its free? Built by (mostly) volunteers. Although these 
days, I'd hope they got some kind of compensation other than stock.

>I need to know information like: "linux uses a round-robin based
>cpu scheduler with a time quantum of 5 ms."
hmm, can't help ya here. try this-

i love google.com

>The report needs to be pretty lengthy so I don't mind *very* detailed
>information.  If anybody has written a similar document, I would love
>to see it or if anyone knows online documentation besides actually
>reading the source code!

can't help ya there, either. Good luck

>Any distribution will be fine (I doubt the internal modules
>would vary significantly anyway).

Right now, I'm using SuSE. and trying to get tascam 428 action going on for 
linux. So far, the kernel has yet to have a usb midi class... Someone that 
needs it, has a lack of hardware.


sure- anytime.

>~~Brad Grissom


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