[lug] Today is Mandrake Day

B O'Fallon bof at americanisp.net
Wed Apr 18 18:38:07 MDT 2001

ljp wrote:

> Basically, here's the problem: during install, if I choose "recommended"
> software packages, the install fails and reports a long list of "unable to
> install  <such-n-such>". If I choose "complete", the package installation
> seems to go fine, but the last step, configuring X, fails brutally.

I had a system that did this with RedHat under the GUI install. I got around
it by using the text install and then skipping the XWindows configuration. It
still installed all the X components, but I waited until it finished and then
logged in as root to set up X.

This might be worth a try.

OTH, FreeBSD is fun if you know enough about Unix to play with it. <g>

B. O'Fallon
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