[lug] Userland transfers

mohan kumar mohan_linux at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 18 23:19:13 MDT 2001

hi guys,
I saw a year old discussion in linux-kernel saying
something like 100% packet sniffing (and moving all
the packet data to kernel)is hard to achive in linux.I
am writing a sniffer application(im no craker...im
doing this for my company :-)) which registers itself
for packet notification, and when a packet arrives i
copy it to user land for more processing. Will my
strategy work with full fledged, duplex, 100MBps
networks? Or should i make some hacks in the
core/net.c,mmap(for faster userland transactions) and
do a kernel recompile? which of these strategies is
(Anyway iam sure what ever strategy i use will give
good performance than windows, which is in dislike to
my boss who stands by windows :-( and we end up

Mohan S  
Amoeba Telecom

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