[lug] rmmod -a in cron

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Thu Apr 19 07:45:36 MDT 2001

On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 12:52:43AM -0600, D. Stimits wrote:
> I have always been curious as to how a module is marked as autoloadable,
> allowing it to be loaded on demand, since my kernels have all had this
> support, but a few modules are annoying enough that it fails. It'd be a
> worthy topic of one of the meetings, perhaps a 10 minute thing on "all
> about loadable module maintenance".

Well, it was certainly vexing.  ("Hey, where'd the ad1848 module go,

It's actually a pretty neat project -- it's a ham radio thing -- the
Internet Radio Linking Project.

Basically, you take a PC with sound card running Linux, a custom-made
control board made by the Canadian creator of the network that uses pins
off the parallel port for signalling (key-up, key-down of the radio,
etc.) and you load up a slightly hacked up copy of speakfreely and a
bunch of shell scripts for logic control... and voila -- instant
connection to any other IRLP "node" via the internet using Voice-over-IP
from your local ham radio repeater.  (DTMF/Touch Tone(TM) controllable
from your handheld radio/car/etc.)

Very fun stuff. 

The system uses PGP for challenge/response authentication also -- some
of the other ham radio linking systems have little or no authentication
and they're Windows-based.  The power of Linux shows through when all
you need is a little hardware and some shell scripts to do this stuff!

www.irlp.net if anyone's interested -- if you go to the "Active Node
Pages" you can see semi-live updates of all the nodes in the network --
currently 78 of them including 4 reflectors.  I help Dave keep Reflector
#2 here in Denver healthy.

Wayde, if the 145.340 repeater can be heard in Boulder I could do a live
demo as one of the 10-minute presentations at the beginning of a
meeting.  I don't think it reaches down into the "Boulder hole" very
well, though.  Worth a try.  Perhaps if it's usable from my Jeep I could
put the mobile rig into cross-band repeat mode and still do a demo

One of the other hams here in town was thinking of doing a similar demo
at a CO-SAGE meeting.

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