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J. Wayde Allen wallen at its.bldrdoc.gov
Thu Apr 19 10:18:40 MDT 2001

Says that these presentations are open to the public so figured I'd post
them here.

- Wayde
  (wallen at its.bldrdoc.gov)

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Subject: Fw: Capstone announcement (fwd)

FYI...These presentations are open to the public (in part to promote
visibility to potential candidates for internships and permanent
position openings).

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>The Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program announces the
>Spring 2001 student capstone project presentations.
>Dates: April 20 evening and April 28 all day
>Location: University of Colorado Engineering Center
>   Room ECCR 1B-12 (the large CATECS taping room in the lower
>   level of the southwest corner of the engineering center)
>For more information see:
>or contact Edith Mitchell at 303-492-8916
>The public is invited. Feel free to forward this announcement.
>Friday April 20, 4-8pm:
>Wireless Local Loop: An Internet Access Alternative for Rural and
>Underserved Areas in Colorado
>   Julian Martinez, Edward Page, Joseph Signorelli,
>   Charles Buchbinder
>How Will 3G Wireless Global Roaming Be Achieved
>   Kevin Ewy, Michael Mckay, Jeff Raw, David Sarkisian
>The Impact of the FCCs Position on Wireless E911
>   Lynn Acker, Richard Curran, Silvana Susi, Marie Velazquez
>Optical Network Evolution: What will the future
>  bring, and is this step profitable
>   Fredrik Bjerke, Hala Hoagland, Olga Kiseleva, Abdule Mohamed
>The Emerging Threat of PDA Viruses
>   Krista Casady, Matthew Gundersen, Nicholas Idler, Jessica Lee
>A Comparative Analysis of WLL for Brazil and India
>   Nana Puangpathumanond, Yoko Suzuki, Harry Wimbish,
>   Rachapong Pornwiriyangkura
>Saturday, April 28, 8am-12pm:
>Mobile-Commerce Wallet-Like Transactions
>   Young-Kyu Kim, Kihyun Suh, Ofer Kashtan, Eun Seo
>Residential Broadband Service by ISP,Wireless or DSL?
>   Reino Tanttilla, Pakorn Tanusakdi, Boonyarit Sirivanasandha,
Sanghun Lee
>Why DOCIS over ATM
>   Ivica Boras, Satish Cheema, Elwaleed Gameel, Daniel Lankford
>Comparative analysis of the wireless data services
>   Jae Kim, Ki Kwon, Young Lee
>Quantum Computing and Information Sciences:  Potential Implications
>   Scott Hayford, Kevin Dixon, Yingyuan Fang
>Saturday, April 28, 1pm-5pm:
>The Viability of Speech as a Mobile Interface to Information
>   Curtis Barnes, Seong Park, John Svoboda, Kanghae Lee
>Exploring the Issues of Providing QoS in IP Multicasting.
>   Imran Moin, Flavius Sapphira, Shahid Shafi, Kailin Chen
>How "SIP" is bringing leadership with rapid creation and deployment
>new multimedia services into
>   Mark Driver, Richard Armstrong, Marc Auville, Roberto Castillo
>A Technology Evaluation for Implementing Next-Generation All-Optical
>Switched Networks
>   Thatchapon Punyasakhon, Ruarob Tiyachate, Norathep Suwanpatra,
>   Caren Litvanyi
>How Secure Is Your Data Over A VPN Tunnel Using IPSec?
>   Reginald Castillo, Etsube Gelagay, Ia Wang

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