[lug] Free computers on Saturday?

Deva Samartha blug-receive at mtbwr.net
Thu Apr 19 13:40:03 MDT 2001

At 12:51 PM 4/19/2001 -0600, you wrote:

>So basically we could put one of these things together and have people
>pay us to give us the hardware to build a Beowulf? Interesting...

I hope you are kidding.

But seriously, conditions:

- accept _any_ computer equipment brought to you, or do you want to have a 
conditional acceptance of equipment, like Jim's mom calling up - can I 
bring you this?

- have maybe a rate of 10:1 to get a working machine - 10 coming in, 
checking, disassembling, fixing, reassembling, what to do with the unusable 

- have heterogeneous hardware of unknown origin, condition, reliability and 
failure rate to do what - reliable high performance computing?

Not in my garden, I'd rather grow Tomatoes ;-)

What would be the computer hardware component which could theoretically 
derived from salvage parts in a budget of running a Beowulf cluster? Zilch 
by my books!


PS: Sounds more like the real story:

>At 01:27 PM 4/19/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>Did'ja see...

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