[lug] detailed Linux information

Brad Grissom bgrissom at Mines.EDU
Thu Apr 19 23:24:58 MDT 2001

> the typical "please do my homework for me" posting from a student.
Hey I take offense to that!

Since nobody did my homework for me, I had to take a slight change of plans.
I ended up doing my paper on VMS Version 5.2 soley because it was the only
pertinent information available at the library.  I would have loved to
spend my time learning the linux kernel but since I am the "typical student"
I procrastinated and took whatever documentation was available.

All the kind suggestions for "detailed Linux information" won't go down the
drain, I have made note of them and plan to review the linux kernel in my
own time.  Afterall, it helps to know how things actually work if I am to
call myself a Linux enthusiast.

~~Brad Grissom

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