[lug] Off Topic - Loki LUG Special

DeVerter at robinsonmechanical.com DeVerter at robinsonmechanical.com
Fri Apr 20 08:49:54 MDT 2001

     I picked up this post on slashdot this morning.  Looks like Loki Games
is offering a 50% discount for LUG's ordering 10 or more of their products.
Plus they handle the shipping costs.  The orders must come from the LUG,
not from individuals in the LUG.  I have just started attending BLUG
meetings but would not mind trying to line this up if anyone were
interested.  I support Loki for their efforts to bring top gaming to the
better OS.  Now if only Sony would port Everquest I'd never use win32
     Actually, what luck has anyone had with running OpenGL through Wine?
I have not attempted it yet, does anyone have any tips?

Mark d.
deverter at robinsonmechanical.com

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