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Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Fri Apr 20 12:31:48 MDT 2001

On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 11:24:58PM -0600, Brad Grissom wrote:
> > the typical "please do my homework for me" posting from a student.
> Hey I take offense to that!

I'm sorry about that... it really was meant as a private joke -- it's a
regular occurrence on the lists I'm on -- debian-user at lists.debian.org
gets a LOT of students asking for information but many are VERY
persistent (deadline perhaps?  heh heh).

> Since nobody did my homework for me, I had to take a slight change of plans.
> I ended up doing my paper on VMS Version 5.2 soley because it was the only
> pertinent information available at the library.  I would have loved to
> spend my time learning the linux kernel but since I am the "typical student"
> I procrastinated and took whatever documentation was available.

Ahh... I remember many late nights in the library!  :-)  And I'm
probably way worse than you about procrastination!  Hahaha...

> All the kind suggestions for "detailed Linux information" won't go down the
> drain, I have made note of them and plan to review the linux kernel in my
> own time.  Afterall, it helps to know how things actually work if I am to
> call myself a Linux enthusiast.

Oh there are plenty of Linux enthusiasts who don't know how anything
works -- hahaha -- really!  And of course it's all relative -- I would
like to think I know how some things work, but I'm beating my brains out
on other topics.  I recommended exim to a friend recently over sendmail
and ended up with a three-week nightmare of trying to help him get his
virtual domains working properly. 

Through the help of a more experienced exim admin here on the list, it
finally does almost what he wanted.  And both of us have learned more
about exim's internals than we probably rightly wanted to know... ha!

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