[lug] IBM doesn't appear to be making many friends

Keith C. Herold herold at cslr.Colorado.EDU
Fri Apr 20 20:20:32 MDT 2001

More to the point:  what is Apple's market focus?  Taken a look at their ads
over the last few years (ignoring for the moment the cube silliness).  This
kind of approach is perfect; IBM most likely *wants* linux mainstreamed, to
beat windows down.  Non-tech people are afraid of linux's complexity (sorry,
but windows is easier for the nontechnically inclined); convince them that
linux is their buddy and see what happens.

Besides, as someone pointed out, the reason they are ex-hippies is they sold
out to 'The Man'.  Now they have jobs, and money, and houses, and families,
and pets ... etc.

Nostalgia as a marketing plan works.


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> > It seems to me that defacing public property is NOT the way to run an
> > ad campaign, and I wonder if this will do more bad than good. For that
> > matter, I am not sure that the thrust of the campaign (Peace, Love,
> > Linux) is creating that favorable an impression in the minds of the
> > suits of corporate America. IBM seems to think that Linux would appeal
> > to the ex-hippies ....
> Who do you think the suits are?  :-)
> The Gen-X'ers are working the trenches in many cases now, and the
> "ex-Hippies" are in the corner offices.  It's a great marking plan.
> Why do you think every software company buys a Doors song, a song from
> The Who, or just about any other late 60's to mid 70's song for their
> jingles now...?  Even the U.S. Postal Service using Steve Miller Band
> songs for the last few years... imagine that when Steve Miller was first
> popular...
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