[lug] Wierd C issue. qmail and vpopmail

John Starkey jstarkey at advancecreations.com
Sat Apr 21 04:20:08 MDT 2001

I'm using vpopmail and at random times it will lose domains and users.
Although everything is still there. All mail is being queued but not
delivered to the box. Obviously qmail knows the users exist and there
are entries in control/virtualhosts. But at the same time users are
unable to log in to retrieve their email (via POP or IMAP), the error
being a general "user not found". They are being, or trying to be,
authenticated via vpopmail's auth app (vchkpw) after qmail-popup and
before qmail-pop3d.

If I move the domain's folder out of the way and add the domains and
users again and then move the folder back everything is fine til next

I did an strace on the function that adds new users and I'm finding that
for the domains that are disappearing (and before I replace them) that
the open() function is being warped with wierd random characters instead
of the path. The actual file name is correct but the path leading to it
is trashed. An strace on a deleted and replaced domain is fine and

Can anyone even guess as to what might be causing this?  I've recompiled
and installed and it still does this. I've spent a lot of hours working
on setting this up, I'd rather replace a line of code if I can find it
than to research and config another app, at this point.



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