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David Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
Fri Apr 20 08:28:48 MDT 2001

Personally, I like IBM's advertising idea.  It's fun, it's different, and it
does no harm.  It's bio-degradable chalk, like the sidewalk-chalk my kids
use.  The San Francisco city officials need to get out of their cubicles
more often.

I am firmly on IBM's side on this one.

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It seems that IBM's campaign is running afoul of San Francisco's
anti-graffiti laws:


It seems to me that defacing public property is NOT the way to run an
ad campaign, and I wonder if this will do more bad than good. For that
matter, I am not sure that the thrust of the campaign (Peace, Love,
Linux) is creating that favorable an impression in the minds of the
suits of corporate America. IBM seems to think that Linux would appeal
to the ex-hippies ....

But will it? Where are the ex-hippies in the corporate world? Most of
the IT types I know are pretty serious about their profession, not
aging hippies wanting to return to 1968. In fact, many of them weren't
even born in 1968 ...

Could this be a plot on the part of IBM to create such animosity
towards Linux that it fails? Sort of the "damn with faint praise"

Or am I just paranoid? <g>


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