[lug] So far,I use Opera

J. Wayde Allen wallen at lug.boulder.co.us
Mon May 7 09:20:16 MDT 2001

On Sat, 5 May 2001, Rob Mohr wrote:

> I use Opera.  I like it.  It seems to be fast, tight.  Definitely it is
> not bloatware.  Crashes?  None that I can report.  

I can't say that I've seen Opera crash, but I have seen it slow to a
crawl.  Of course that could be partly due to my flaky internet connection
at home.  However, I've experimented running Netscape in parallel with
Opera and been able to get pages to load in Netscape and not in Opera.

In general I like Opera too, but so far haven't decided that it is enough
better than Netscape to cause me to switch.

- Wayde
  (wallen at lug.boulder.co.us)

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