[lug] Wireless ISP - Sprint Broadband

Ryan Kirkpatrick linux at rkirkpat.net
Mon May 7 20:00:20 MDT 2001

On Sat, 5 May 2001 wiechdoctor at earthlink.net wrote:

> I have had the same problem. Are you seeing high packet loss? When my ssh
> sessions aren't bearable any more that seems to be the problem. If you
> call tech support they will have you power off the modem and antenea for
> 15 seconds or so and reconnect. That always seems to make my connection
> happy, something about the antenea reconnecting ... they never give me a
> good answer.

	I have never had the problems with dropped packets or high latency
that other people have been describing. Maybe my connection is stronger,
I remember something about the installer stating that the signal strenght
was exceptionally high at my house. SSH and telnet connections, while not
as smooth as across a local network, are still quite usable, even vi is
usable. :) Guess, the old adage, YMMV, applies here.

> They have had a few outages as well, my favorite being when they somehow
> denied all http traffic. Somebody got a little carried away trying to do
> some qos over there no doubt.

	Glad to know that I was not the only one who noticed that! I
was going crazy trying to find the problem with my systems, especially
when ssh and ftp were still working. Also, usually on Sunday afternoons I
often see long delays between connecting to web sites and any data being
sent back. Appears they still have a little work do on their high load
handling. :)

	My two cents from a different viewpoint (of the Sprint BBD tower
that is :).

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