[lug] What's up with the NIST time servers

Jim Romary jromary at kane.jsouth.com
Wed May 9 09:53:55 MDT 2001

time.nist.gov stopped working early last month. One of my ancient 
linux boxes drifts very badly, and I noticed some really bad 
time stamps.

I currently use time-a.timefreq.bldrdoc.gov

Below is a list of stratum 1 and 2 ntp servers.


|I had been using time.nist.gov up until around the time I moved.  I
|experienced the rdate hang as well, so I started using time.mit.edu (I am
|closer to it now, so it was probably appropriate regardless of
|time.nist.gov's status).
|My point: I was experiencing problems around about Dec/Jan time period
|with time.nist.gov.
|"Chip Atkinson"
|> Actually I can say "_Doesn't_ work for me.  It just sits.  (rdate -s 
|> time.nist.gov)
|> Ferdinand Schmid wrote:
|> > Wayde,
|> > Thanks for your help.  I posted to this list rather than trying to
|> > contact NIST directly to first eliminate error on my part.  My hope was
|> > someone would speak up and say it works for me or I have a similar
|> > problem.  I just didn't want to create unnecessary work for the NIST
|> > guys.
|> > 
|> > Ferdinand
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