[lug] will ksh 'Linux 2.0 elf' work w/ COL ?

B O'Fallon bof at americanisp.net
Wed May 9 12:16:41 MDT 2001

Dan Anderson wrote:

> arnie> I would like to install ksh on my system. So far the only
> arnie> version of it I have been able to find for Linux is from the
> arnie> research.att.com site, and is a binary labled as Linux 2.0
> arnie> elf. Does anyone know if this will work on COL2.2?

I've been able to run Slackware's adoption of ksh on several RH
systems, versions 6.2 - 7.1. As far as I know, it's
fully KSH93 compliant.

You can get it off the Slackware web site, and then install it to / as
root. Untar it, move the .doinst script file
from /install to / and run it, then do a chsh.

I to date have not had any problems with it.


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