[lug] Newbie X-window questions

Glenn Murray gmurray at Mines.EDU
Wed May 9 13:29:18 MDT 2001


Thanks much for the reply---I now know more about the security
issues than I thought I needed.  Also, I hadn't thought about
VNC, there's even a Debian package for it.  What happens when
you run connect to a machine with a VNC server which is not
at the moment, running X?

More fundamentally, though, I'd like at this point to get even one
window open using "host-based authentication".  To avoid the
"local/remote" confusion, say I have a Linux box "mine" which I am
sitting at, and there is a Linux box "hers" running on the local net,
on which I have an account.  I can ssh to hers, and then

hers$ xhost +mine
xhost:  unable to open display ""

Does X need to be running on hers already?  Can I start it?

Don't I have to export some DISPLAY variable?

What do I type at mine$ to get a window on hers?

Again, Thanks!
Glenn Murray

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